A detailed insight into the legaltech development in the UK. What are the newest legaltech startups and what solutions do they bring? How do law firms utilise coding within their practice? 


Legal tech

Smart Contracts – what are they? Are they enforceable?

Adam K. H.March 31, 2021

Along with the Bitcoin craze in the past few years emerged a new idea: now…

Answered #1 – How does Blockchain work?

Adam K. H.January 7, 2021

As the role of technology within the legal industry increases, the question of how it…

Introduction to Relational Databases

Adam K. H.October 12, 2020

In a previous article, we talked about the issues the legal industry is facing regarding…

Deloitte Legal strengthens its focus on New Law with three new hires.

Adam K. H.September 23, 2020

As covered previously in this article, one of the most significant hires of the UK…

Legaltech Spotlight #1 – Luminance AI and women in legaltech

Adam K. H.September 11, 2020

Luminance, a UK-based legaltech startup focusing on the understanding of legal documentation and analysis of…