Deloitte Legal strengthens its focus on New Law with three new hires.

Deloitte Legal strengthens its focus on New Law with three new hires.

As covered previously in this article, one of the most significant hires of the UK legaltech market this year was the appointment of Emily Foges, previously the founder and CEO of LuminanceAI, as the lead partner for Deloitte’s Legal Managed Services (LMS) business.

From Deloitte’s website:

Emily is joining the team to expand Deloitte Legal’s existing LMS capabilities, and, in addition, to build out a new portfolio of services that are not yet widely available in the market. Emily will combine Deloitte’s managed services experience with Deloitte Legal’s rapidly-growing legal advisory capabilities to develop services that target specific business needs for efficiency and quality.

This month, the firm has hired three more professionals: Jack Diggle, recently a global head of Elevate’s consulting group, Craig Conte, previously a senior in the contracts consulting group at Elevate, and Tom Birdseye, another senior at the company. Elevate is an alternative legal provider offering, among others, workflow, document management, and cloud services. The trio will now be responsible for Deloitte’s legal consultancy offerings to in-house teams and law firms.  

Regarding the recent hires, Michael Castle, the UK managing partner of Deloitte Legal, commented:

‘Today’s world requires a new approach to the delivery of legal services. Now more than ever, legal departments are having to address the challenge of dealing with increasing complexity and demand with the same or fewer resources. Jack, Craig and Tom have a wealth of experience between them that will help these departments and contracting teams rethink their operating models, achieve greater efficiencies and increase the value they deliver back to the business.’

Jack Diggle, Elevate

Deloitte Legal is now made up of more than 2,500 professionals operating in more than 80 countries, with more than 250 people in the UK. The firm has once again showcased that it is serious about pioneering the era of a new approach to law – also known as New Law. The firm has also invested in the legal technology start-up environment, having launched the tech incubator program with an initial cohort of 14 start-ups, of which almost two-thirds already have operational products or services offered to a number of clients. The cohort includes Genie AI, which provides AI-assisted document drafting services, and, which provides matter management and document analysis capabilities.

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