The Coding Lawyer

The Coding Lawyer (TCL) is a learning platform aiming to equip lawyers and aspiring lawyers with the knowledge necessary to understand the ongoing technology-driven transformation of the legal sector. The goal of TCL is not to train lawyers into computer scientists, but to train them into lawyers of the 21st century. The TCL content is focused primarily on understanding the legaltech market and the solutions and technologies transforming the legal sector. The ‘coding’ section focuses on coding tutorials to provide detailed insight into the how the technologies function, and how to use coding for one’s own personal or professional purpose.


About author

I am a second year LLB Law and Politics student at the University of Manchester with a deep passion for the use of technology within the legal sector. I believe the current generation of aspiring lawyers and lawyers new to the sector will pioneer the massive tech disruption of legal services, and it is my wish to contribute in preparing aspiring lawyers for that.